First Date in Miami

Photo Credit: Bryn Bonino

Photo Credit: Bryn Bonino

I had been traveling quite a bit, and when I got back home, a good friend picked me up from the airport.  We caught up on what we’d been doing with the ease and familiarity that old friends do. And we were both pretty excited about recent happenings.  I had met so many great people traveling, and she had met one very special guy.

He was funny, charismatic, professional, and attractive.  There was an instant connection, and she was so happy that they had exchanged phone numbers the second time that they met.  Fast forward a few days. I was walking around Vizcaya Museum and Gardens with another friend, and surprise! There is my friend with this guy that she had been telling me about.

They were on their first date, and had decided to take advantage of the moderate Miami weather and clear sunny skies. They had ridden their bikes the few miles from Coral Gables to Vizcaya, and were sitting on a wooden bench in an impeccably manicured garden facing the ocean.  

He had picked a flower for her on their bike ride and she kept it with her all the way to their destination.  The flower now sat a bit wilted, but still colorful, on the bench between them. Her nails were freshly manicured, her blouse and white tights were very pretty for going out for a bike ride. She sat with her hands folded neatly in her lap.  And he leaned in. His leg was up on the bench, and his body turned toward her. They both smiled and enjoyed each other's attention and company.