School Of Jellyfish in Dallas, Texas

Photo copyright by Bryn Bonino

Photo copyright by Bryn Bonino

After living in Dallas for a few years, I decided to check out what Halloween was like at the Cedar Springs block party.  I planned my costume in advance, and got some professional help with my eyelashes. The party was several city blocks that shut down the street to allow people, mostly adults, to show off their costumes and grab food and drinks in the local restaurants.

I spent most of the night photographing what were the most intriguing costumes.  Proud of their creativity on display, several people asked me to take their photo.  So many others willingly posed for me. After walking up and down the city blocks, we stopped at a bar to get some drinks.  As we re-cooped from navigating the crowds, all of of a sudden my friend perked up, looked down the street and exclaimed JELLYFISH!

I looked down the street and saw a colors and lights seemingly floating through the air.  As I looked a bit longer, the bodies of the jellyfish were traipsing down the street, and tentacles were blowing gently in the wind.  Hold this, I said as I shoved my drink at my friend, and ran to the street with my camera.  

Time seemed to stand still as I looked at the intricacies of the costume that captivated so many.  As I searched for the best angle, how the jellyfish were put together started dawning on me. They were not jellyfish, they were costumes. But for a few minutes I was mesmerized by the the light, color, and creativity.