Photo lessons in Austin, Texas

  • Do you take a lot of photos, but are rarely happy with the results?

  • Do you have a “nice camera” but still shoot in automatic mode?

  • Do you want to have better memories of special occasions with your family and friends?

If you said “YES!” to any one of these questions,
I can help!

I’m an educator and skilled photographer.  I can help identify what type of photo is possible in any given scene and give you knowledge and confidence to make better photos.

I love working with curious people who want to explore their creativity and create photos to preserve memories in a skilled and artistic fashion.


Does this sound like you? 
I invite you to check out my lesson packages.

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Creativity Exploration

What is your favorite subject to photograph?  What is your level of experience? What goals do you want to reach?

These are questions that I will ask you to help you identify what next steps you should consider for your photography growth.  I’ll give you a report full of resources that you can explore. You can pursue these opportunities individually, or with me.

Price: $45

*Included in the cost of any individualized workshop.


Customized Lessons

Based on what opportunities are uncovered in your creative exploration, I’ll develop a plan for you to measurably improve your photography skills in no time. 

We’ll meet in an agreed upon location in Austin, and go for a 2.5-hour shoot together. I’ll address both artistic and technical aspects of photography and help you evaluate a scene for possibilities.


One Session

Are you happy to be in Austin and ready to make some memories?

We can meet up for 2.5 hours in a pre-planned location in Austin and I’ll give you no BS lesson that will level up on your photography learning.

I’ll also give you my highly prized cheat sheet that you can tape to your camera. This will allow you to handle any scene with ease.

Price: $280

*Includes the cost of the Creativity Exploration.


Six Sessions

Do you live in Austin and are ready to commit to making better photos?

I’ll customize a plan for your individual goals and level up your understanding on the type of photography you’re most interested in.

We’ll meet for 2.5-hour sessions, and each time I’ll follow up with written materials so you can remember key points for the next time we meet.

Price: $1425

*Includes the cost of the Creativity Exploration.

This is my most popular package, because it meets the needs of most of my clients.


24 Sessions

Are you a photography junkie and want to know everything that I know?

Okay, I love to share!

I’ll roll out a full stack of units to tackle over the course of several weeks. We’ll meet for 2.5 hours each time, and I’ll share written materials with you to review. This level up is like no other and will have you photographing like a BOSS.

Price: $5,565

*Includes the cost of the Creativity Exploration.

How I’d Help You


What Others Say


“Bryn's perspective is extraordinary. From behind the lens, she was a way of capturing what would otherwise be considered mundane and ordinary--a window, shoes, steps, a garden--and making it sing! Each moment she captures conveys a full narrative.” 

Kyla Bingham

“I really enjoy Bryn's work. The vibrant colors in many of her photos and contrasting angles really draw you into her images. I particularly like how so many of the images seem to tell a story. Bryn is very good at capturing body language in her images as well. Can't wait to see more of her work!”

Kimberly McDermid


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