”Bryn's perspective is extraordinary. From behind the lens, she was a way of capturing what would otherwise be considered mundane and ordinary--a window, shoes, steps, a garden--and making it sing! Each moment she captures conveys a full narrative.” 

Kyla Bingham

“I really enjoy Bryn's work. The vibrant colors in many of her photos and contrasting angles really draw you into her images. I particularly like how so many of the images seem to tell a story. Bryn is very good at capturing body language in her images as well. Can't wait to see more of her work!”

Kimberly McDermid

”Las imágenes nos ayudan a no olvidar a nuestros seres queridos. Las imágenes también nos cuentan historias acerca de otros seres humanos que se encuentran en otras latitudes. Pero la belleza en el manejo de la luz es cultivada con paciencia y esmero por personas con una gran sensibilidad. Bryn es una estupenda fotógrafa y tiene una manera muy natural de compartirnos bellas historias a través de sus fotografías. Recomiendo ampliamente su trabajo a todos los que deseen fotografías profesionales, con tacto humano y belleza.”

José Mendoza

”Great composition and subject matter, intensely alive colors. Definitely a pro!”

Jose D. Flores, Jr.

“Bryn has an eye, indeed; capturing life and scenery in a way that makes you pause and appreciate each shot. A master at her craft, she can handle any lighting situation like a boss!”

Marcos Rodriguez

“Since we can't be everywhere, Bryn's images take us there!!! To the beautiful and relevant places of this wonderful world!!!!”

Patricia Santiago

“It has been a wonderful pleasure to witness Bryn’s skills evolve and challenge her own techniques to become a better photographer is refreshing! It has been a pleasure to see the wonderful work produced by your wonderful talent.”

Noel Batista

“They say life is just a series of moments, and Bryn has fantastical way of illustrating all of them. Her art form is without a doubt very masterful and some of the best I've seen. She captures those tiny moments of time that can be bitter and exceptionally sweet. I absolutely LOVE seeing the world through both her eyes and her lens.”

Eric Mayne

“Bryn has captured such beautiful moments of our family. I treasure the photos she has taken of our active and expressive toddler. Her travel photography is captivating and really puts you in the moment. Love her work!”

Nicole Santiago Hafemeister

“Bryn was amazing with my toddler son. She was able to capture so much of his darling personality, his adorable giggles, and the magic in his eyes in a special family location (my grandfather's old mechanic's shop area). She has given us such a valued treasure. I can't wait to put it all together for my grandfather's 80th birthday gift. Thank you Bryn!”

April Hooper-Christensen

“Amazing use of light. Colors are so vibrant. Love the travel photos and portraits!”

Linda Bonino Hafemeister